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Eye Exams at Your Optometrists in Sheridan and Gillette WYEye Exam Image

At WyoVision, our team provides comprehensive support to protect your eye health and vision. As trusted optometrists in Sheridan and Gillette WY, you can expect our professionals to provide you with comprehensive care. We recommend having an eye exam at least one time a year, more often if you have vision or eye health concerns. We can help you with these vision exams at our office.

Why Should You Have Annual Eye Exams?

Routine eye exams, at the least annual eye exams, are critical to protecting the health of your eyes and your vision. Many times, individuals with visual deficiencies don’t realize that they’ve lost some or all of their vision. And, in other cases, we can spot eye diseases in their early stages or help prevent them from worsening. Our goal is to ensure each one of our patients receives a comprehensive screening to safeguard vision.

Eye Exams in Sheridan for Vision Screening

One of the first steps we take when welcoming you in for eye exams in Sheridan is to conduct a thorough vision screening. With the use of numerous advanced devices, we will examine your eyes. You will be asked to read letters on a wall to the best of your ability. Our goal is to learn what you can see, what you cannot, and what type of prescription is necessary, if it all. We’ll also look at your peripheral vision and other aspects of your eye health.

Eye Exams in Gillette for Eye Health

During eye exams in Gillette, we’ll use several devices and tools to look at the health of your eyes including the interior structures of your eyes. Our optometrists will look at depth perception, color vision, your eye’s responsiveness to light, as well as muscle control. We’ll look at each component of the eye as well, looking for any changes from previous exams.

What to Expect From Our Gillette Optometrists and Sheridan Optometrists

When you visit with either our Gillette optometrists or Sheridan optometrists, our goal will be to gather information about your vision and any symptoms or concerns you have. We’ll then conduct visual and eye health exams for you. We may recommend a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses if you have any vision limitation that can be corrected. If we spot any type of eye disease, we’ll create a plan of action for treating it.

We also conduct full contact lens exams in our offices. This exam is a bit more thorough and requires measurements of your eyes to determine the proper product for you. If you would like a contact lens exam, please let us know in advance of your appointment.

Contact Your Optometrists in Gillette or our Sheridan Optometrists for an Appointment

When you visit our optometrists in Gillette or call on our Sheridan optometrists for care, you’ll always get exceptional service and attention to your needs. Contact us at (307) 673-5177 for WyoVision of Sheridan or 307-682-2747 for WyoVision of Gillette today to schedule a comprehensive eye exam.