Back-to-School Eye Exams

Back-to-School Eye Exams in Sheridan and Gillette

More than one in five elementary school children have some type of vision problem. However, many children have never even been to an optometrist in Sheridan and Gillette. While school vision screenings catch some problems, they are not sufficiently thorough and are not a reasonable alternative to back-to-school eye exams in Sheridan and Gillette.

For a thorough examination of your kid’s eyes, visit our Wyovision optometrist in Sheridan or our optometrist in Gillette. Our Wyovision optometrists are equipped to provide a comprehensive examination just in time for back to school.

The Importance of Annual Eye Exams for Children

A lot of what is presented at school is visual. Children with vision problems are at a disadvantage in the classroom, on the sports field, and in other aspects of life. Annual eye exams are very important for this reason. Making vision exams at our optometry clinic in Sheridan and Gillette part of your normal back-to-school routine means you are less likely to forget or put it off.

With bodies changing rapidly in children, they need annual eye exams to stay healthy and this includes their eyes. Early vision problems can lead to life-long visual deficits if they are not corrected while the brain is still flexible enough to adapt. Problems like amblyopia and strabismus (“lazy eye” and misaligned eyes) can be corrected more easily when children are young.

School screenings are one step toward making sure children who need vision exams get them. However, they mainly test distance vision, which leaves a lot of problems undetected. There are also problems with the amount of training the screening personnel has and whether the parents are properly notified if their child fails a vision screening. Taking your child to an optometry clinic in Sheridan and Gillette ensures their vision is tested in all of the important ways.

WyoVision Associates is Your Optometrist in Sheridan and Gillette WY

Back-to-school eye exams in Sheridan or Gillette are available at either of our two locations. As your optometrist in Sheridan and Gillette WY, we encourage you to schedule annual eye exams for your children. The beginning of the school year is an ideal time to schedule eye exams in Sheridan and Gillette to ensure your child goes back to the classroom prepared to learn.

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