Dangers of Blue Light

Blue Light Blocking Lenses from Our Optometrists in Sheridan & Gillette

Modern day technology has given us many clear benefits, but it has imposed certain health hazards that we should all be aware of. One such hazard is blue light emission. At WyoVision Associates, our optometrists in Sheridan & Gillette WY have helped hundreds of people learn about and protect themselves from blue light–and we’d love to help you, too.

What is Blue Light?

Digital devices, including laptops, computers, and televisions, emit a variety of colors, including blue light. Compared to some other colors, blue light has a short wavelength and a relatively high amount of energy. When this blue light hits your retinas (the thin image-gathering tissue on the inside of the back of your eye), it can cause cellular damage over time. This may increase your risk for macular degeneration, an age-related disorder that can lead to central vision loss.

Interestingly, too much exposure to blue light has also been linked to sleep disorders, as it’s been shown to mess with our bodies’ natural circadian rhythm.

How Can I Protect my Eyes From Blue Light?

At WyoVision, our experienced staff offers the best blue light treatment Sheridan & Gillette, WY have to offer. We can prescribe specially designed blue light glasses (also known as computer glasses) that can help block blue light emissions while you’re working. You may also want to consider downloading applications (like f.lux) that changes the amount of blue light emitted from your computer screen depending on the time of day (less at night).

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If you’re like most of us, then you probably use a computer or some kind of digital device daily. To ensure that your vision and eye health remains as good as possible, consider scheduling a consultation with an optometrist in Sheridan or an optometrist in Gillette, WY. To get in touch with our Sheridan optometrists, call (307) 673-5177. For our Gillette optometrists, call (307) 682-2747.

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