Importance of Eye Exams

Eye Exams with Our Gillette and Sheridan Optometrists

Since 1998 WyoVision’s renowned optometrists in Sheridan have provided outstanding optometry care to Sheridan and the surrounding areas. WyoVision of  Sheridan has now expanded to include an optometry clinic in Gillette, where our optometrists provide the very best in eye exams to Gillette and the surrounding areas.

Eye Exams – What to Expect

WyoVision’s optometrists in Gillette and Sheridan conduct complete eye exams, which usually last about 60 minutes. At both localities, the eye exam will begin by an eye doctor conducting a complete ocular history. This includes a personal as well as a family history of any eye conditions or history of wearing glasses or contact lenses.

Optometrists will then check visual acuity both for near and distant vision. They will then also check for any defects in red/green color vision such as color blindness.

The optometrist will also check for any problems in ocular movements and will conduct what is known as the “cover test” to check for strabismus (crossed eyes). The Sheridan eye doctor and the Gillette eye doctor will then perform retinoscopy in which they will shine a light and flip lenses using a machine to determine the proper correction for distance vision.

At WyoVision, your choice for eye care in Gillette and Sheridan will then use the process of refraction to determine the exact eyeglass prescription and if the patient is nearsighted, farsighted or needs reading glasses. They will then examine the cornea and other front structures of the eye using a slit lamp. They will also check for signs of glaucoma (increased eye pressure) and dilate both eyes to examine the retina (back layer of the eye) to check for diabetic changes.

Schedule an Eye Exam with Our Sheridan or Gillette Eye Doctors

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