Eye Exams with Our Gillette and Sheridan Optometrists

Individuals can develop a vision issue at any age. Our optometrists in Sheridan and Gillette use their experience to monitor eye health and identify and address eye conditions. WyoVision Associates, Inc. offers an optometry clinic in Sheridan and another optometry clinic in Gillette for the added convenience of their patients.

Eye exams are an important service made available to WyoVision Associates, Inc. The optometrists at WyoVision in Sheridan started serving the community in 1998 and have recently expanded the operation to a new optometry clinic in Gillette. Problems with eye function and vision can lead to a misdiagnosis of learning problems in young children and reduce the ability of adults to perform routine activities, including reading and driving. Learn more about the importance of routine eye exams performed by a Sheridan or Gillette optometrist today.

Why Schedule an Annual Eye Exam?

Our eye doctors, serving Gillette and Sheridan, recommend coming in to have an annual eye exam unless otherwise directed. Our optometrists use the information provided by an eye exam to assess vision ability and general eye health, as well as to monitor and recommend changes as they might apply to a new or existing eye condition. During an eye exam, our Sheridan and Gillette eye doctors get information about your eye health and any concerns you may have and offer a plan of action for any eye health problems.

Types of Eye Exams

Eye exams are tailored to the specific need of our patients. Pediatric eye exams offer both a comprehensive eye exam and details on some potential developmental issues. Our optometrists look at the ability of the eyes and attached muscles to work together, focus, and perform other vision functions. Many specific vision deficiencies can be corrected or improved with vision therapy.

Teens and adults also need routine eye exams to address any vision problem. Teens may be able to perform better in the classroom or while participating in sports with vision therapy or corrective eyewear. For adults, comprehensive eye exams can help to slow degenerative eye conditions and even identify common health conditions such as heart disease and some forms of diabetes. Our optometrists in Gillette and Sheridan are focused on assessing eye health and specific conditions that may occur during different stages of life.

Schedule Your Eye Exams with our Sheridan and Gillette Optometrists

Expect to receive high-quality eye exams with our eye doctors in Sheridan and Gillette. Our optometrist’s couple compassionate care with their extensive experience as they attend to the unique needs of every patient.

Call 307-673-5177 to schedule an appointment for an eye exam with a Sheridan eye doctor. Call 307-682-2747 to schedule an eye exam with a Gillette optometrist. Our vision team is dedicated to helping you maintain and improve your eye health.