Eyewear from Our Optometrists in Sheridan & Gillette

Here at WyoVision Associates we offer complete eyewear services in Sheridan and Gillette, WY.  Whether you need to get a routine eye exam, contacts, digital lenses, or eyeglasses we can help you. For your convenience we have two locations, WyoVision of Gillette and WyoVision of Sheridan. WyoVision Associates is locally owned and operated. Discover what we can do for your eye care needs at WyoVision Associates.

Comprehensive Eye Care Solutions

Our goal is to provide you with everything you need for your vision and eye care. In order to meet your needs we offer an all-inclusive optometry practice. Our eye doctors include Dr. Joseph Katschke, Dr. Ben Fowler, and Dr. Fisher at WyoVision Sheridan. At WyoVision Gillette Dr. Katschke provides eye care services along with Dr. Mike Hughes. Thanks to the dedication and hard work of our optometrists we exceed expectations of our patients.

Eyeglasses and Contacts in Sheridan and Gillette

We also provide eyeglasses in Sheridan and Gillette onsite thanks to our full service optical laboratory and optical dispensary. You can get fitted for your new eyeglasses, as well as prescription sunglasses, made especially for you without having to go to another clinic. We also offer computer and blue light glasses for those with dry eye condition. Other conveniences afforded by our comprehensive optometry practice include contacts in Sheridan and Gillette.

By seeing your Sheridan optometrists or Gillette optometrists for contact lenses you save time and money. We offer some of the latest techniques for fabricating contacts according to your specific vision prescription. Following a comprehensive eye exam by your optometrist you are able to get contacts made in the same eye care center for your convenience.

Digital Lenses in Sheridan and Gillette

One of the more advanced methods of vision correction is digital lenses. Digital lenses are also known as high-definition lenses or free-form lenses. We make digital lenses in Sheridan and Gillette using our lab for onsite fabrication using computer technology. By controlling the surface of the lenses with a computerized process, this allows your optometry expert to make far more precise movements. As a result you benefit from more superior contact lenses that minimize distortion.

This advanced technology reduces dizziness, eye strain, and associated headaches for contact lens wearers. We recommend digital lenses for most patients seeking the best contacts in Gillette and Sheridan. If you are interested in getting digital lenses schedule an appointment with our optometrists to find out if this solution is well-suited for your vision correction needs.

Your Optometrists in Sheridan and Gillette WY

As your optometrists in Sheridan and Gillette WY we are excited to provide you with total eye care services. Whether you visit WyoVision of Sheridan or WyoVision of Gillette you can expect to receive professional treatment and our utmost attention. Schedule your appointment today for a comprehensive eye exam, eyeglasses, contacts, or digital lenses. Call (307) 673-5177 for WyoVision of Sheridan to make an appointment with our Sheridan optometrists. Contact WyoVision of Gillette at (307) 673-5177 (Sheridan Location) or (307) 682-2747 (Gillette Location) for an appointment at this location via our Gillette optometrists.