Digital Lenses in Sheridan and Gillette

Optical science is always improving, and that’s especially true when talking about bifocal and multi-focal eyeglasses and lenses. We’ve come a long way from your great-grandma’s bifocal eyeglasses. Today’s newest trend is creating digital lenses in Sheridan and Gillette. These lenses will give you clearer vision than you ever thought possible.

Sheridan and Gillette Optometrists Talk About Digital Lenses

Traditionally, when patients needed bifocal and multi-focal eyeglasses, optometrists would create the lenses from generic blanks. They began as a basic blank lens, then the manufacturer would add a progressive lens piece at the bottom of the base lens. The fixed front surface had preset characteristics, and only the prescription powers could vary. Other factors that affect viewing, such as corridor lengths and viewing zone sizes, couldn’t be taken into account, and were ignored. It was sort of a one-size-fits-all solution that never created the exact perfect pair of eyeglasses for anyone.

With digital lenses, the entire process is different. Our Sheridan and Gillette optometrists are excited to share these new eyeglasses with their patients. Digital progressive lenses start with one single blank slate. The laboratory’s computer finds the correct collection of complex curves to create multiple prescriptions, all on one piece of glass. It takes into account lens tilt, peripheral vision and multiple other factors that make up the way people see through lenses.

With traditional bifocal and multi-focal lenses, there is a learning curve for new patients. They have to get used to wearing their new eyeglasses. Digital lenses, though, are more adjusted to a wearer’s actual prescription, so there’s very little breaking-in period, if any. Much like the difference between HDTV and basic television, digital progressive lenses give crisper, brighter vision in all angles and views than traditional lenses ever could.

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It’s very common to develop a need for progressive lenses as you age. A regular eye examination can show how your eyes have changed, and define the need for new eyeglasses. Our optometrists in Sheridan & Gillette WY are happy to answer any questions you might have about the new digital lenses for bifocal and multi-focal eyeglasses. Call WyoVision Associates today at 307-461-4262 in Sheridan or 307-682-2747 in Gillette and we’ll be happy to make an appointment that fits in with your busy lifestyle.