LASIK Referrals in Sheridan & Gillette, WY

If you are accustomed to going to an optometry clinic in Gillette for your refractive vision errors, including myopia (nearsightedness) you might be aware that optometrists in Gillette and Sheridan generally don’t perform LASIK eye surgery. However, even though they don’t perform the surgery themselves, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have strong knowledge about the availability and quality of LASIK eye surgery in Gillette and Sheridan, and perhaps more importantly, your personal vision care needs.

Are You Considering LASIK Eye Surgery?

While you may see advertisements for LASIK services, and centers that provide the surgery, it is still important to get a surgery referral from your optometrist, but even before you seek the referral it is important to understand what LASIK may mean for you. While LASIK generally has a high success rate, over 90 percent, depending on what you consider successful, it is important to ask questions of your optometrists in Sheridan & Gillette, WY because it will help to assure that you have a full understanding of what LASIK is and what it can do for your vision goals.

At WyoVision, our optometrists in Gillette and Sheridan are happy to answer any questions you may have about LASIK, and if you seem to be a potential good candidate for the surgery, we can provide you with LASIK eye surgery referrals in Gillette and Sheridan that are based on strong relationships with the surgery provider that will help us do our part in continuing to help care for your eyes before and after the procedure, if you decide that LASIK is the right choice for you.

Our Optometrists in Gillette or Sheridan can Refer You to A Surgeon

Having a current eye exam before LASIK eye surgery in Gillette or Sheridan is important, because in order to be a good candidate, your vision should be adequately stabilized. Chances are, we will have a few questions for you as well, including questions about medicines you take, allergies, and your history of eye conditions.

Many people see LASIK as a magic wand that will eliminate all vision issues, and to many patients who have had the procedure it can feel like a miracle. More than 99% of those who undergo the surgery have their vision corrected to 20/40 or better, and most of those have correction to 20/20 or better. But overall vision is more complex than interpreting a simple eye chart. For example, someone with poor night vision may still have this issue after surgery, It is also important for contact lens wearers to go without their contacts for some  time before having LASIK, since contacts work by altering the shape of the eye, and it needs to in its natural state in order for the surgery to work properly.

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