Pre-op & Post-op LASIK Surgery Care

Our Optometrists in Sheridan and Gillette Offer Pre-op and Post-op Care for LASIK Eye Surgery

Many people who have had trouble seeing in their life have been pleased to hear that there may be a way to surgically correct their vision so that they don’t have to worry about wearing glasses or contacts on a daily basis. While the surgery is generally very successful for most people, it is important that people work with their own optometry clinic in Gillette or Sheridan, WY in order to get a full understanding of what to expect from LASIK eye surgery in Gillette or Sheridan. At Wyovision Associates, our optometrists in Sheridan & Gillette, WY offer full pre-operative exams and thought out surgery referral for those patients we determine are good candidates for the LASIK procedure.

Reasons to See Our Sheridan or Gillette Optometrists for a LASIK Eye Surgery Referral

Since LASIK was first introduced there have been many improvements to the procedure, and success and satisfaction rates are very high, however surgery, no matter how routine is always something that should be carefully considered and discussed with an optometrist that understands your eyes and your vision goals and expectations after the procedure. You should be comfortable enough with your optometry clinic in Gillette or Sheridan that you will be able to stay on top of all your follow up care after the procedure, and will feel comfortable asking any necessary questions along the way.

When you work with optometrists in Gillette and Sheridan that have a chance to know you and your expectations, they are better able to make the LASIK eye surgery referrals in Gillette and Sheridan that is right for you. In addition to maintaining a relationship with you, the patient, at Wyovision Associates we make Lasik eye surgery referrals in Gillette and Sheridan based on our relationships with LASIK surgeons, so that we can maintain strong communications before, during, and after the procedure in order to assure you get the best possible outcome.

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If you are interested in learning more about LASIK and how you might expect your eyes to respond it’s best to talk to your optometrist about your expectations and concerns. Contact Wyovision Associates in Sheridan at 307-673-5177 or in Gilette at 307-682-2747 to schedule an appointment.

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