Premium Lenses Produced in the Office

Premium Lenses Produced in the OfficePremium Lenses Produced in the Office

The lab at WyoVision uses a fully integrated digital surfacing process. We use equipment manufactured by Schneider GmbH & Co, a world leader in lens innovation and technology.

The lens creation process

The process to create a high-quality lens for your eyeglasses is an involved process with many technical considerations. We won’t discuss the technicalities in this post. We will walk you through the several steps that are taken to create the lens in our lab.

1. Base curve selection – The proper front side curve of the lens, also know as the base cure, is chosen and the prescription for your glasses is entered into the precision lens software. We have a wide choice of base curves which allows for a better frame match and fit.

2. Preparation and surfacing – The lens is prepared for surfacing, or cutting the prescription into the lens, by first protecting the front-side of the lens with a tape to prevent scratches. The lens is then “blocked” with alloy. The block is a small metal device used to hold the lens in an exact position to allow extreme pressure to be applied while the surface of the lens is etched with the prescription that was previously entered into the system.

3. Surfacing – The digital surfacing machine, Prolab Digital Surfacing Center, mentioned earlier uses a combination of natural and synthetic diamond cutters to create the precise prescription for your lens. The Prolab can cut single vision, bifocal, and progressive lenses.

4. Polishing – The cut side of the lens, also referred to as the backside, is raw after the cutting process. The lens is now polished on this backside to provide optical clarity. This process is also completed using the Prolab.

5. Coating – The final step in the production process is to apply a protective coating to the lens to help prevent scratches and add UV protection. The coating we use is a premium solvent-free substance.

This completes the prescription lens production process. Your lens will now move to the edging process where it is prepared to be fit into your eyeglass frame.

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