Understanding Cataracts with our Eye Doctors

Understanding Cataracts with our Eye Doctors in Sheridan and Gillette

Cataracts can cloud your vision and make it hard for you to read and drive. Our eye doctors in Sheridan and Gillette can exam your eyes to determine if you have cataracts and recommend treatments to help you see better.

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Signs and Symptoms of Cataracts

Cataracts typically occur in individuals aged 60 and older. They are formed when protein builds-up in the lend of the eye, creating cloudy or white spots.

  • Blurry Vision
  • Changes in Vision
  • Day and Night Glare Problems
  • Double-Vision
  • Sudden Onset of Nearsightedness

Diagnosing Cataracts with our Optometrists in Sheridan and Gillette WYO

Our optometrists in Sheridan and Gillette WYO can diagnose your cataracts with a vision and eye health exam. Our eye doctor will test your visual acuity to determine if you need glasses or contacts. A slit lamp will be used to thoroughly examine the front of your eye to determine if you have cataracts, and we will perform a dilated eye exam to check the structures in the back of your eye, including your retina and macula.

Cataracts Treatment in Sheridan and Gillette

Your cataracts treatment in Sheridan and Gillette will depend on the severity. Individuals with small or early-stage cataracts often do well with a prescription for glasses or contacts, and here at our optometry clinic in Sheridan and Gillette, we have a full-service laboratory where we can make your new glasses within a few hours.

If you have advanced cataracts and your vision can no longer be corrected with glasses or contacts, our optometrists will provide you with a referral to an eye doctor that can perform cataracts surgery. Cataracts surgery involves removing your natural lens and replacing it with a new artificial lens. This completely removes cataracts and prevents future cataracts.

Schedule an Appointment with a Sheridan and Gillette Eye Doctor for Cataract Treatment

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